WELCOME to my personal food blog where you will find all my favorite recipes and the many benefits behind the foods I chose to load my body with. Journey with me in finding new ways to incorporate beneficial nutrients into your daily life in the simplest of ways.  Now, before doing so, let me give you a little bit about me.

Starting off freshman year of college and going from an everyday athlete to a very sedentary college student, I found it increasingly difficult to stay away from junk food and the many perks of college living.  Before I knew it, it was spring break of my first year of college, and this was when I really started to realize just how much my body had changed.  Unhealthy eating had not only impacted  my body but also my energy level as well as immune defense.   It was that summer when I decided to make a change.  I started off my healthy journey by simply cutting down the portions of my meals and incorporating more veggies.  From there, I began cooking my own meals and watching my intake of empty carbs and calories and moving towards a diet that was loaded with beneficial nutrients to obtain the results I was looking for.

And there I was at the end of summer moving into a house where I had to really learn how to find balance in my life.  THIS is where my journey really began.  I started cooking my own meals and finding the ingredients I love to use in my dishes.  For the next two years I grew in my health knowledge, and most importantly grew in knowing myself and my body.  Here I am, now 21, feeling better than I ever have, with increased energy and balance in my life.  My motivation to be the best ME I can be grows everyday and I am always setting new goals and challenges for myself.

So, that leads me to you.  I want others to be able to feel how I feel and know that there is no simple path to healthy eating as everyone’s body wants to take a different path.  Therefore, I encourage you to look at my recipes and take your own spin on them in the way that best fits you and will make YOU the happiest.  I hope you grow to find as much joy in healthy eating and fitness as I do 🙂

Below are two photos of me, exactly two years apart.  I am posting these together not to shame my old self, but to show there is always room to grow and when you set your mind to your goals and truly work at them, you are capable of achieving them!

June 2015: 148 lbs
June 2017: 115 lbs